Specializing in pelvic & core, lymphatic & fascia, and mental & emotional health and wellness.


Erica Stevens


Marissa Horak


Why Thrive OT?

At Thrive OT you can have both: western medicine with holistic, integrative, therapies to meet your unique needs.

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OT is your non-surgical, low cost option to help you live a fulfilled life!

Perinatal Rehab

Pelvic Health

Fertility Support

Food, Mood and Hormones

Lymphedema Therapy

Scar Tissue Treatment

Oncology Rehab

General Health and Wellness

Prenatal Prehab

Prepares the woman for childbirth

Postnatal Rehab

Improves healing of pelvic floor and core post childbirth

General Pelvic Dysfunction

Treatment of bowel and bladder incontinence & pelvic pain

Fertility Enhancement

Enhances fertility by optimizing mind-body wellness

Mood & Hormone Support

Improve mental function and clarity, increase energy levels, and feel better daily

Oncology Rehab

Supporting all who have experienced cancer treatments, radiation, or surgery.

Is Occupational Therapy for Me?

Occupational therapy is a science-driven, evidence-based, form of therapy for those recuperating from physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. Occupational therapy does incorporate the physical body, much like physical therapy; however, OT is primarily focused on enabling the client to engage in meaningful activities of daily life as seamlessly as possible by incorporating lifestyle factors and addressing your mental health.

Have you Considered OT for Health and Wellness?

Feeling overall functionally good, but interested in optimizing your whole body health and wellness? Been unsuccessful at making changes in the past? Check out our Health & Wellness services! Our comprehensive techniques are offered to help you make, integrate, and sustain changes into your life that you both want and need to do. We help you get over the hump and then make it stick; whether you are new to your health and wellness journey or looking for a perfect transition after completing pelvic floor therapy.

Function, Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine

These techniques and concepts are woven into our treatment plans and approaches to improve your pain, function, and overall wellness. Methods specific to these treatment approaches include functional nutritional consultations, body mechanics and movements, establishment and improvement to daily roles/habits/routines, and manual therapy techniques to optimize autonomic nervous system function.

What Sets Us Apart?

Mental Health OT

OTs have a unique role when it comes to mind-body health. We bridge the gap between the often separately treated Mind and Body. Sometimes “the issue is in the tissue” and a combination of physical treatment while addressing mental health can facilitate overall whole body wellness.

Erica and Marissa both hold undergraduate degrees in psychology, and advanced clinical degrees where mental health training was part of the curriculum. Erica and Marissa are also both preparing for coursework as Certified Perinatal Mental Health Therapists.

I can’t recommend Thrive OT enough. We have worked with Erica, Marissa, and Mackenzie, and each lady is fantastic. We’ve seen them for a variety of issues including prenatal, postpartum, chronic pain, retained reflexes, development, and pelvic floor. They listen to all concerns and work to address problems in ways that work for our family. They are so great with my children also. Their passion for their work shows with each visit. – Hannah J.

As humans, we were meant to Thrive and not merely exist!

Existing and “getting through the day” are sentiments that will one day result in regret and life dissatisfaction. As individuals reach “end of life” chapters, many have been documented as reflecting on life with disappointment of not spending earlier years thriving instead of simply existing.

Occupational therapy can help you break barriers and enhance life satisfaction by utilizing methods of health and wellness.

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