About Thrive!

Hello! And a warm welcome to Thrive Occupational Therapy, Health & Wellness services specializing in holistic occupational therapy treatment for prenatal prehab, postnatal rehab, pelvic floor dysfunction and fertility support. 

We offer comprehensive and integrative health and rehabilitation services. We are committed to offering clients comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment in a nurturing environment. Our personalized outlook on care delivers knowledge and empowerment to the client and a commitment from the therapist to provide results in a professional and efficient manner.

Meet your therapist

Erica Stevens – MOTR/L CLT CHC CYT

I am the founder of Thrive OT and a licensed and registered occupational therapist and women’s health therapist. I am also a certified lymphedema therapist, certified health coach and certified yoga teacher, expanding my skills to meet the health and wellness needs of individuals across the lifespan.

I am excited to get to know you and serve you throughout your health and wellness journey by providing the care you need and deserve!

My Story

I began my OT career working in rural Iowa seeing patients of all ages in the acute, skill nursing, outpatient and home health settings. From these experiences, I recognized a missing link to our health care system. Yes, the sick are seen, but what about those who just do not feel well? Those who are technically functional, however are not living their best life?

Additionally, I began noticing trends within my patient populations: a large majority of diagnoses I treated could be traced back to poor lifestyle habits, moreover pinned to a lifetime of stress, lack of concern for optimal health and wellness, and poor coping strategies. A vast majority of my elder patients had some form of incontinence, resulting in nursing home placement at a young age, comorbidities related to poor bowel and bladder management, and an increased burden of care. Their lives were no longer their own story to write, but dictated by bouts of severe and disabling bowel and bladder incontinence, impacting what one could do each day.

I could not stand idly by and allow this trend to continue!

These discoveries paired with my own fertility, pelvic health, and wellness journey, led me to seek specialization within the scope of women’s health, pelvic floor therapy, stress management, and general health and wellness.

I am professionally passionate about improving one’s daily quality of life and empowering clients to live their best life. I am excited to share with my clients the life changing benefits occupational therapy can have physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

I am always on the go and have many hobbies, including my personal yoga practice, snow skiing, running, hiking, slalom skiing and boating, gardening, reading, golfing, trap shooting, and spending time with my husband Wade, my family and friends, and my sweet eight pound silky terrier, Gatsby.

Specialization and Certifications

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Comprehensive Lymphedema Management for American Health Care

Optimal Fertility: Preconception Detoxification and Preparation Specialization

Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Board Certified in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback

Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

Certified Yoga Teacher

Aura Wellness Center

Certified Health Coach

National Society of Health Coaches

Pelvic Floor Training

Herman and Wallace Institute

Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Specialization

Marquette University

Medical Professional Therapeutic Yoga Specialization

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute

Professional Mentorship from Leaders in the Pelvic Health Industry


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