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Prenatal Prehab

Prepares the woman for childbirth

We  provide a quality pelvic prehab program that can reduce the risk of, and even prevent, complications associated with pregnancy and delivery.

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most rewarding experiences you can go through, but also places tremendous strain on your body, specifically your core which is made up by pelvic floor muscles. As your uterus continues to grow, serious strain can be placed on the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for proper bladder and bowel management, are involved in breathing, and support all of the organ structures within your core. 

There are many benefits to birthing preparation: 

  • You are one step ahead for after baby is born and participating in postnatal rehab 
  • Learn how to use the full range of motion of your pelvic floor. This allows you to become an expert in the delivery room by coordinating movements to improve the effectiveness of “pushing” baby out
  • Reduce the possibility of tearing and having pelvic floor complications postnatally
  • Practice and master proper breathing techniques to not only reduce stress and work through contractions, but also to optimize pelvic floor function.
  • Our breath is intimately tied with our pelvic floor muscle function!
  • Get a head start on postnatal recovery by discussing what you can do up to 6 weeks post delivery (before beginning postnatal rehab, if indicated). 

Postnatal Rehab

Improves healing of pelvic floor and core post childbirth 

How can rehab help? By treating bowel and bladder incontinence, pelvic pain, core and muscle coordination, sexual function. 

Women find themselves both physically and mentally at their most vulnerable post childbirth, as so many changes are occurring. Many women find both before and after childbirth they do not have the same pelvic function and control, including of the bladder, that they once had. Sensation may also change. 

C-Section Recovery

  • Proper movement and positioning with newborn, scar management and tissue mobilization, core coordination and healing

With any other major surgery or medical event, you would receive some form of therapeutic intervention to optimize recovery – why not postnatally? 

Erica has helped me so much physically and mentally! She is so patient and kind. I love that they post helpful videos on social media! She definitely has been a big motivator for me in my mental and physical health! – Kelsi L.

General Pelvic Dysfunction

Treatment of bowel and bladder incontinence & pelvic pain

The pelvic floor is just like any other muscle in the body! When it is not working properly, therapeutic interventions can improve symptoms and quality of life. 

Thrive can help with general pelvic floor dysfunction whether you have given birth in your lifetime or not. Dysfunction of the pelvic floor can present as pelvic pain or unwanted loss of urine, stool or gas. These are all signs that your pelvic floor is not functioning optimally. 

Be seen by our pelvic floor specialist today to regain your quality of life! Begin to engage in daily life without the worry of leaking and the embarrassment that follows. We can help you live your life to the fullest so that you are not at the mercy of your pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Fertility Enhancement

Enhances fertility by optimizing mind-body wellness 

If you are someone undergoing fertility treatments, or have had difficulty becoming pregnant, fertility support is a great option. 

Therapeutic techniques are utilized to enhance circulation to the reproductive organs through non-invasive and non-painful manual techniques. Additionally, therapeutic services can help break down adhesions, reduce inflammation, and improve organ function. These techniques serve as a great addition to services provided by your reproductive endocrinologist or OBGYN; it is not an either/or situation – but rather the two types of health care can work together to support a person’s fertility. 

OT for fertility also addresses the important, and often under treated, mind-body connection. We work to uncover not only physical barriers, but emotional roadblocks that may be impacting your ability to conceive. 

At Thrive, our main goal is to meet you where you are on your fertility journey. We are confident that our specialized treatment approaches can provide the support you are seeking and needing during this challenging time. 

Some women have no trouble get pregnant, while others need ideal conditions to optimize their chances – that is what we are here to provide. 

At 50 I didn’t even realize I had a pelvic floor let alone how stress, to your body physically and mentally can impact this ball of muscles buried inside each of us. Erica is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about educating the masses on women’s health. For me she has utilized techniques to help reduce pain points in my core and even my jaw that I’ve been carrying for decades. Erica has alleviated my symptoms of edema utilizing lymphatic massage. – Stephanie P.

Mood & Hormone Support

Understand your body by finding the link between mental and physical wellness

The goal of Mood & Hormone Support services are to improve mental function and clarity, increase energy levels, and simply to feel better daily. Results are achieved by targeting inflammation and the microbiome and enteric nervous system (the 2nd brain), sleep rhythms, and pairing mental and physical health.

The client will engage in therapy with the OT beyond pharmaceutical management by addressing nutrition and culinary medicine, herbal medicine, and additional integrative medicine techniques as appropriate for optimal client health. Women of all ages can benefit, including girls entering puberty, young female athletes, perinatal females, and perimenopausal women.

Better understand your body and thrive by finding the link between mental and physical wellness.

Oncology Rehab

Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer – this may include your own medical history. But did you know there are rehab specialists available who help prepare for treatment, reduce side effects, and promote survivorship? At Thrive OT, our therapists are passionate about not letting anyone “fall through the cracks” of the traditional healthcare model. We are committed to serving each client throughout their cancer journey – from diagnosis to survivorship. Oncology rehab with occupational therapy provides a unique plan of care to get back to what matters to YOU.

Many oncology clients experience scar tissue, pain, sexual dysfunction, reduced range of motion, fatigue, weakness, anxiety, PTSD, sleep disruption, swelling, fibrosis, and depression. Your Thrive therapist will provide individualized treatments with your goals in the forefront. You deserve the highest quality of life in all parts of your journey. Contact Thrive OT today to feel better.

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